The Danube 1245 was founded by citizens on 10th October 2015. Association runs Board of Managers and works according to adopted strategic orientation.

Citizens as Association members invest their time, skills and knowledge in activities towards achievement of agreed goals.

Association works on strengthening of members capacities for active role locally and regionally.Its activity Association plans in accordance with the Strategic Plan and research and to operate in a transparent manner. We are taking advantage of national and transnational partnerships and networking. We wish that the capacity of the Association reflects the strength, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. Develop and promote the value of partnerships, innovative services and share best practices.

Danube 1245 is member of international organization „ALDA“ and regional organization LAG „Fruška Gora – Dunav“.

Danube 1245 supports:

-Planned development,

-Citizens’ participation in planning and decision making,

-Project approach in financing on all levels,

-Participation of local actors

-Application of state supporting schemes in local development (credits, IPARD Programme, developing funds, etc.)



Rajko Marinković

NenadNenad Vojvodić
Member of BoM
JelenaJelena Petrović
Member of BoM
DejanDejan Gluvačević
Member of BoM
RadovanRadovan Mišić
Member of BoM
BrigitaBrigita Dimitrijević
President of the Assembly
IrenaIrena Bjelić
Chairman of the Supervisory Board