Under the “On EU Pathways” Project the volunteer camp was held in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. On a first day the programme of camp was presented and the hosts from Slovenia have organised welcome evening where they presented themselves.


Two workshops have been performed on a second day of camp work: “Contemporary role of volunteerism” and “Migrations as a way for development of local communities”. Guests have visited Novo Mesto as well and intercultural presentations of Croatia and Serbia were performed in the evening.


Several workshops have been organised in the following third day of camp work: “Kid’s World”, “Sharing is caring” (making of bench), as well as “T-shirts Painting”. Beside workshops, sports activities were organised as well as intercultural presentations of Montenegro and BIH in the evening.


Fourth day was dedicated to presentations of good practices in application of EU projects in Novo Mesto: Visit to outdoor museum of Struga fortress, Adventure Park Otocec, Swimming pools in Otocec “Sport” hotel and evening presentations


High representatives of Slovenian hosts, Mr. Tone Hrovat director of high school and Centre of Biotechnologies and Tourism and Mr. Gregor Macedoni, local Mayor of Novo Mesto Municipality, have hosted 5 guest delegations of partners joined on Project “On EU Pathways”.